Most of our orders are
shipped within 1-3 working days.

Yes. Our email order acknowledgment will provide you with your order number, which will allow you to check your order status.

Yes!  This service is optional and an additional charge applies. These optional charges are shown at the shipping stage.

In the U.K. in our custom built premises near our home.

Yes and no. Yes if you follow all our instructions diligently. No if your are impatient and rush the installation.

We sincerely regret to say
this is not possible as the order is entered into our administration system automatically on receipt of your order and materials and production duly allocated. Furthermore, all MobSKINZ are made to order to your specification.

Absolutely! Simply pick at a corner and gently lift and pull back. Removal is made easier if the skin is heated a little with a heat gun or a hair dryer.There will be no messy residue

Simply request our RRF (Returns Request Form) via our Contact form here.. Full instructions will be provided on the form.

In this unlikely event, please send us photographic evidence via our Contact Us feature and we will refund you immediately.

Use our file upload feature in our Write to Us feature. 

Yes, we do, one that offers excellent commissions. Please get in touch via our contact form.